The big wagers and even bigger stakes riding on China's role in the global economy ...

Betting on China

Chinese Stocks, American Stock Markets, and the Wagers on a New Dynamic in Global Capitalism

English Edition

ISBN: 978-1-1180-8714-5
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Versions: Hardcover, E-book
Length: 209 pages
Publication Date: June 2012

Chinese Edition

ISBN: 978-7-212-06518-8
Publisher: 时代出版传媒
Publication Date: July 2013

Praise for

Betting on China

Based on his deep understanding acquired through years of experience in China, Rob Koepp provides remarkably keen observations in Betting on China. Through this book, China’s role in the U.S. capital markets and its position in the global economy can be seen in a new and refreshingly informative light.
Eddie Wang, former President of China Minsheng Banking Corp.
Rob Koepp’s book is an entertaining and well written romp through the new Wild West of US listed Chinese companies. But it is also a nuanced look at the costs and benefits to both countries of continued interaction at corporate and capital market levels and highlights the challenges facing public oversight bodies on both sides of the Pacific. At the time of the book’s publication both Chinese and U.S. regulators are undertaking reviews that could threaten the nascent, cross-border, public equity market relationship, and Koepp’s book illustrates the concerns and approaches of each side. This is well worth a read whether you are a student of capital markets or just someone trying to understand the risks and benefits of ‘betting on China.’
Ian Charles Stewart, Co-founder of Wired magazine, venture philanthropist, and Beijing resident
Betting on China is a valuable contribution to the debate about the country’s role in the global economy and international capital markets.
Alexandra Harney, author of The China Price: The True Cost of Chinese Competitive Advantage